NDUCFA Enhancement of Urban Forests Grant


The ND TIP Tool provides cities useful information about their trees, so they can make the best decisions about managing their forests to maximize benefits communitywide.


Who:  Any North Dakota city with a basic tree inventory completed as part of the NDFS’s Community Threat Assessment Protocol (CTAP) project (see map below)


What:  A free, easy-to-use online tree inventory tool to support community forestry planning


How:  At least one city forester or tree board member must participate in a one-hour webinar to learn the basics of the ND TIP Tool to receive access to their city’s online tree data


When:  View a recorded training webinar to get started


Where:  From any web-enabled device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) at ndcitytrees.org


Why:  To make well-informed tree care decisions so North Dakota cities have healthy and diverse community forests


Get Started with ND TIP Tool Today

  1. View in a recorded one-hour training webinar to learn how to use the ND TIP Tool.
  2. Receive your personal code from NDUCFA via email to access your city’s data in the ND TIP Tool.
  3. Start using the ND TIP Tool to manage your community forest and log your hours monthly!


Help Using the ND TIP Tool

  1. View a recorded webinar on the ND TIP Tool’s EAB Cost Calculator.
  2. Download the ND TIP Tool User’s Guide prepared by the NDFS.
  3. View a recorded webinar on using the ND TIP Tool to help secure NDFS grants.
  4. View a recorded webinar on NDFS community forestry grants and the ND TIP Tool.
  5. Learn more about the ND TIP Tool, built on Tree Plotter software from our vendor, Plan-It Geo.


What’s Included in ND TIP Tool?

  1. Online access to your original CTAP tree inventory completed by NDFS, plus the ability to add and remove trees to keep your inventory current
  2. Tree stats with colorful reports on species, health and size
  3. Ecosystem benefit values calculated by tree and communitywide
  4. Emerald ash borer cost calculator to help to make the most cost-effective management choices in preparation for the possible appearance of this invasive pest
  5. Cost-share project planning and maps that allow you to add planting spaces and identify poor condition trees for removal
  6. Tree Tours for the public


Not a CTAP Community?

Email or call Shannon at 701-355-4458 and we will get you connected to the ND Forest Service.


Need a Little Help with Tree Management?

Request assistance from our NDUCFA TA Team.



Email or call Shannon at 701-355-4458 for more information.


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The North Dakota Urban and Community Forestry Association (NDUCFA), in partnership with the North Dakota Forest Service (NDFS), was awarded a Western Forestry Leadership Coalition FY 2017 Landscape Scale Restoration Competitive Grant from the USDA Forest Service in the summer of 2017.  This project is made possible through a grant from the USDA Forest Service.  Each institution involved is an equal opportunity provider.