2017 Certified Arborist Exam Prep Workshop Presentations


Tree Installation and Establishment

Soils 101_Physical_Properties

Soils 102_Chemical_Properties

Safe Work Practices

Tree Biology



2017 Tree Care Workshop Presentations

Business Ethics and Attitude

Costs of Not Maintaining Trees

Fine Pruning of Apples Trees

Missouri Gravel Bed

Tree Defects & Likelihood of Failure

Web GIS and Urban Forest

Structural Soil


2016 Certified Arborist Exam Prep Workshop Presentations

Safe Work Practices

Tree Biology


Tree Identification

Soils 101_Physical_Properties

Soils 102_Chemical_Properties

Tree Installation and Establishment


Urban Forestry

Tree Protection

Tree Assessment & Risk Management

Study Materials

Interested in additional study materials for the certified arborist exam? Four sets of 10 interactive CDs from ISA are available for lending in North Dakota. Contact these individuals regarding availability of the CDs:

  • ND Forest Service, contact Gerri Makay at gerri.makay@ndsu.edu (2 sets)
  • NDSU Extension, contact Joe Zeleznik at Joseph.Zeleznik@ndsu.edu (1 set)
  • City of Fargo Forestry, contact Scott Liudahl SLiudahl@cityoffargo.com (1 set)



2016 Tree Care Workshop Presentations

New Varieties – Bachman’s Nursery

Retail Side of New Plants – Sheyenne Garden

EAB Response – When Politics Meets Science

Ethical Decision Making

Grants: Where to Find Them

Insect and Disease Basics

Living at Ground Zero of EAB Infestation

Maple Syrup 101

Pruning for Taper and Form

How to Organize a Big Volunteer Project

Zip Lines and Tree Responses

New Species-Selection Research-Grower Issues

New Introductions – What Is Involved

Tree Observation and Selection

Spruce Needle Diseases